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Pet Wellness Exams

Pet wellness exams, also known as preventive care or annual check-ups, are routine veterinary examinations conducted to assess the overall health and well-being of pets.

Pet Wellness Exams in Belmont, NC

Wellness exams are essential to proactive pet care and can help detect any potential health issues early on, allowing for timely intervention and treatment.


Pet Wellness Exams

Our veterinary clinic in Belmont, NC, offers pet wellness exams. Located in Belmont, Belmont Animal Hospital is dedicated to providing comprehensive veterinary care, including preventive care and wellness exams, for pets in the community.

Our veterinary team recognizes the importance of regular wellness exams in maintaining the health and well-being of pets. We are committed to providing thorough examinations and personalized care for each animal we see.

During a pet wellness exam at Belmont Animal Hospital, the following services may be provided:

  • Comprehensive physical examination: Our veterinarians perform a detailed physical examination of the pet, which includes assessing the body condition, listening to the heart and lungs, checking the eyes, ears, and mouth, palpating for any abnormalities, and evaluating overall body systems.
  • Vaccinations: As part of preventive care, Belmont Animal Hospital ensures that pets receive the necessary vaccinations to protect against common infectious diseases. Our veterinarians will assess your pet’s vaccination history and administer any required vaccines to maintain immunity.
  • Parasite prevention: At Belmont Animal Hospital, we emphasize the importance of parasite prevention for pets. Our veterinarians offer guidance and recommend appropriate preventive measures against fleas, ticks, heartworms, and intestinal parasites. This may involve prescribing preventive medications or providing advice on regular testing.
  • Diagnostic testing: Depending on the age, breed, and health status of the pet, we may recommend diagnostic tests such as blood work, urinalysis, fecal examination, or other screenings to assess overall health and detect early signs of diseases or abnormalities.
  • Dental evaluation: Your pet’s oral health is also addressed during wellness exams. Our veterinary team will examine the teeth and gums, identify any dental issues or concerns, and provide recommendations for dental care, including dental cleanings or home dental hygiene practices.
  • Nutrition and lifestyle guidance: Belmont Animal Hospital offers guidance on proper nutrition, feeding practices, and exercise routines to support optimal health and well-being for pets. Our veterinarians can recommend appropriate diets and advise on maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle.
  • Client education: During wellness exams, we take the time to educate pet owners on various aspects of pet care, including behavior management, training, preventive healthcare, and any specific concerns or questions they may have.

Belmont Animal Hospital prioritizes preventive care and pet wellness exams to ensure that pets receive comprehensive healthcare and stay healthy.